Take Pride in Your Safety Program: SAFE Award Submissions Due Oct. 30

There’s still time to apply for a NAHB/Builders Mutual Safety Award for Excellence (SAFE), but act now — submissions are due Monday, Oct. 30.

Here’s a look at the application descriptions of two recent SAFE Award winners. This home builder and remodeler firm demonstrated to the industry that they are committed to safety and know that it is an important part of business success.

Safety is Engrained and a Point of Pride

John Kraemer and Sons, Inc. was the winner of the Single Family Builder Safety Program of the Year in the 11-100 home starts per year category in 2015. Here’s what they had to say.

“We have a certified OSHA trainer on staff, and believe that educating our employees to potential hazards is among one of the most important tools to preventing injury. Should an employee be observed doing something that could be considered unsafe, they are retrained in the correct safety protocol. The same is true for our subcontractors.

“Our owners not only support safety among employees and subcontractors but also are dedicated to the safety of the home owners themselves. Many new clients receive their own personalized hardhats and high-visibility attire. It was an incredibly satisfying feeling to hear an OSHA inspector make the comment, ‘keep up the great work, you are really making a difference.’

“As a result of our safety efforts, we not had a single injury and have saved $30,000 in workers compensation insurance in one year. Our employees know that this company puts their safety first. Our employees readily accept our onsite training, use of required personal protective equipment, and understand safety is a team requirement.”

Regular and Thorough Training

Roeser Home Remodeling was the winner of the Remodeler Safety Program of the Year Award in the less than 50 employees category in 2014.

“Safety within our company is a major part of our success. The families we work for, our employee’s families and our trade’s families have to feel safe that we are always looking out for their safety of their loved ones, as well as improving the homes we work in.

“Each month, we have a company meeting to review procedures and company strengths and weaknesses. A majority part of that meeting is dedicated to safety. We review parts of our safety handbook — which is 70 pages long and covers everything from safety and health policies to excavation and vehicle policies. We also review the safety of our tools, our cords, our safety harnesses and our trades on a monthly basis.

“Our trades sign a trade agreement on bi-yearly basis which includes the expectations of safety and proper insurance updates. They are part of our working company and any of our project managers are allowed instruction or address any safety concerns with anything from discipline to immediately removing a trade from our project site until proper safety procedures are in process.”

Apply today to demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety on your worksite.

Questions? Contact Chelsea Vetick at 800-368-5242 x8590.


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