Spotlight on Construction Trades: Painting and Masonry

This week’s focus on Careers in Construction Month explores two more rewarding job opportunities in home building: the painting and masonry trades.


Painters are needed to work on nearly all of the interior and some of the exterior surfaces of a new home. Painting protects these surfaces from damage by water, mold and corrosion.

Professionally trained painters have a variety of employment options, including working for drywall contractors, painting contractors, sub-contractors and residential contractors.

With an average national wage of $40,570, painters will find a solid career path in housing markets across the country. Learn more about painting training programs and job opportunities.


Laying brick is one of the oldest and most respected trades in the construction industry. Masonry construction uses brick, stone, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, cast stone, concrete block, glass block, stucco and tile.

Masons work on both the interior and exterior of a new home mixing mortar and laying brick; laying out building lines and grades; laying floors and stairs; mixing and placing concrete; and applying various finishes to concrete.

The average national wage for the masonry trades is $53,490, with demand for these jobs growing 15% through 2024. Learn more about masonry training programs and job opportunities.

Check out NAHB’s Careers in the Construction Trades for information about other skilled trades, including training programs and job opportunities offered through our workforce development partners HBI and


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  1. Scott Jones says:

    I could not be more happy with my career path in masonry. Been going strong now for 30 years. Thanks for sharing the article

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