Hybrid Approach Leads to Remodeler’s Success

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Stuart Gaines, founder and president of New Blue Construction.

After starting a remodeling company in 2008 during the worst quarter of the Great Recession, Stuart Gaines, CGP, CAPS, had only one direction in which to take his company: Up.

He did just that, and in a relatively short period of time.

As president of New Blue Construction in Chattanooga, Tenn., Gaines has continually focused on making the right hires and maintaining a multifaceted set of products and services.

His knack for building a thriving, charitable and versatile business is the primary reason Gaines has been honored with the NAHB Remodeler of the Month award for September.

“We have always believed that a strategically wider net is wise for both sustainability and growth,” Gaines said in a Q&A for Qualified Remodeler magazine. “We do some renovation and new construction in commercial settings.” However, the cornerstone business model remains residential renovation and new construction.

Like most builders, Gaines is challenged with finding enough skilled labor. For New Blue, he says the winning formula of late has been keeping the carpenters and a paint crew in-house, as well as training several of his existing staff members to take on new responsibilities. Doing so has helped him better control production outcomes in the tight labor market.

“Skilled help is out there,” Gaines says. But much of his emphasis is placed on growing from within by building a “strong company culture and a growing benefit structure.”

To create that culture, Gaines continually promotes a commitment to quality craftsmanship, mutual respect and hard work at all levels. The company’s success, he says, “is a direct result of our amazing team.”

Read the full Q&A for more details on Gaines’ hybrid approach to business.

If you know a professional remodeler who takes remodeling to the next level, nominate him or her for NAHB Remodeler of the Month.

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