Successful Fundraising: A Bigger Fish to Fry

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Faced with the challenge of making their annual fish fry fundraiser even more successful, the members of the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders (GBAHB) Remodelers’ Council added a cash raffle — with a unique twist.

The raffle winners pose at the conclusion of the fish fry event. From left to right: Jeff Rogers, Clint Lovette (and son), George Williams and Jeremy Harmon (and family).

Called a “reverse raffle,” the objective for participants was to not have their ticket drawn. The holder of the last remaining ticket would win the grand prize of $10,000.

Zeke Keel, president of the GBAHB Remodelers’ Council, admits he was a little nervous about the raffle in the weeks leading up to the event.

“Since we advertised the jackpot at $10,000, we knew we had to sell a lot of tickets to make at least that much money,” Keel explained. “It was a little stressful, but with the selling incentives we gave our members and the general excitement surrounding the event, we pulled it off with flying colors.”

As incentives, for every 20 tickets a council member sold, he or she received a free raffle ticket. And the person who sold the winning ticket received a $500 bonus.

On the night of the event when the raffle was down to the final four tickets, those ticket holders were given the option to continue until there was one winner, or stop the drawing and divvy up the $10,000 pot. They gladly decided to split the prize money, each going home with $2,500.

“The reverse raffle will be an element of the fish fry we’ll continue for years to come,” Keel said. “Adding something new to an already successful fundraiser keeps it fresh and interesting not only for those who come every year, but it’s a good way to draw prospective members – we signed up a few new members on the spot that night.”

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