Log Homes: A Symbol of the American Pioneering Spirit

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National Log Homes Open House Month, hosted by the NAHB Log and Timber Homes Council, honors an historic American style of housing.

We took a moment with Josh Beasley, chairman of NAHB’s Log and Timber Homes Council and president of Honest Abe Log Homes in Moss, Tenn., to discuss the history of this month’s celebration and how it benefits the log homes industry.

Why was National Log Home Open House Month started?

In 2012, now retired Congressman Reid Ribble of Wisconsin introduced a resolution to recognize July as National Log Cabin Month. In his address to Congress he noted, “Log cabin production directly supports thousands of jobs from builders to sales professionals, as well as the housing market, lending institutions and many others. The people of this industry are hard-working, charitable and deserving of recognition for their centuries of accomplishment.” Additionally, he referred to the industry as, “a quintessential symbol of the American pioneering spirit, embodying America’s strength and ingenuity.”

I believe referring back to the congressional comments likely provides us the best look at why it was started. Undoubtedly our homes and cabins are rooted in the history and culture of our country.

What does this month mean to you and the industry?

It’s an opportunity for our industry to showcase log cabins to an audience we may typically not reach. NAHB promotes the Log and Timber Homes Council members, while companies like ours host open house events, log raisings and seminars. It becomes both an educational and marketing opportunity, and will hopefully continue to shine a light on an historic industry that’s often overlooked in today’s home building market.

What else can be done to enhance the presence of this month?

While log cabins have strong roots in our past, with the right exposure I believe we have the opportunity to be seen as one of the most environmentally conscious building methods of the future. It may sound counter intuitive to many, but in comparison to their conventional “stick-built” counterparts, log homes require very little energy to be constructed. The logs themselves sequester carbon in mass, they’re one of our most renewable resources, and they don’t require a lot of man-made, high energy dependent manufactured products to be constructed. It’s my hope that in the future National Log Cabin Month may help us refine and deliver that message to a broader audience.

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