Anti-NIMBY Statutes Bolster Affordable Housing Developers

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There’s good news for developers who’ve grown weary from unreasonable neighborhood opposition to affordable housing projects: A new report illustrates unique ways to appeal land use permit denials by providing permit applicants the option to be heard by an administrative body.

NAHB’s State Survey of Housing Appeals Statutes analyzes programs in five states — Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois and California — that use administrative or judicial processes to handle land use denials.

The report details situations in which developers can use the independent appeals process as well as other information, such as the rights of an abutter, and the appropriate steps to appeal.

Even though the programs highlighted in the report are not one-size-fits-all models, each has components that can be tailored to address the unique needs of other states.

For more information, contact Devala Janardan in NAHB’s Office of Legal Affairs.


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