Husband and Wife Remodelers Avoid Management Pitfalls

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Maya and Len Bogh have seen significant results after increasing their focus on Facebook marketing. They recently posted this photo of a kitchen remodel as an example of their work.

Agreeing on whose turn it is to fold the laundry is one thing. Becoming business partners with your life partner is a whole new level of teamwork.

Maya and Len Bogh, co-owners of Great Northern Builders, Inc. in South Berwick, Maine, describe their working dynamic as one that has evolved throughout their 12-year marriage.

“It’s really a skill set that takes time to develop in order to work effectively and treat each other as business partners during the workday and as husband and wife on evenings and weekends,” said Maya, who also serves as the remodelers council chair for the HBRA of Maine, the Southern Maine HBA and the Southern York County HBA.

Len founded the company in 2002, and ran a one-man operation for several years. Shortly after having their first child, Maya recognized that her husband could benefit from some additional bookkeeping support to allow him more time to focus on sales and production.

“It started with me doing some small organizing while the baby was napping, and over the last decade, mine has grown into a full-time role managing the legal, HR, scheduling and customer communication aspects,” she said.

Having distinct responsibilities and a true passion for what they do are what Maya says have helped them become a successful team.

Refining the business model

Building a solid reputation within their market has allowed the Boghs to gradually become more selective about the projects they take on. They also feel more poised with their business management efforts, largely as a result of their membership in the NAHB 20 Clubs.

“We do a lot of things to improve our business, but [our 20 Club membership] is the No. 1 most important resource that we have in our toolbelt,” Maya said.

Maya and Len Bogh pose with their 7- and 9-year old daughers.

The Boghs joined one of the three remodeling-focused 20 clubs in 2014, and within a short period of time, Maya said it made a huge impact.

“There are so many pitfalls for business owners, and many of us have had to learn lessons the hard way – making critical mistakes that could have been avoided if given better advice,” she said.

“But as 20 clubs members, we get to work with 20 other people who run similar companies in different markets across the country. The expertise they share on every type of business management concern is invaluable – you simply can’t get that kind of advice from reading a news article or doing research online.”

Go to to learn more about the NAHB 20 Clubs.

Members of NAHB Remodelers can also visit for resources to help boost their marketing efforts during the month of May. To become a member of NAHB Remodelers, click here for more information. 

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