Persistence Equals Success for Texas Remodeler

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Success typically doesn’t happen overnight. More often, it takes several years and a determination to continually improve.

Bryan Smith is the NAHB Remodeler of the Month for April.

Someone who knows that rule of business as well as anyone is Bryan Smith, GMR, GMB, CGR, CAPS, CGP, president and founder of Vision Design + Build in San Antonio, Texas, and NAHB’s Remodeler of the Month for April.

Smith says that in its first year of operation in 2003, his company only did about $5,000 in sales. Numbers that bleak might make most other business owners conclude they aren’t cut out for the remodeling profession.

Not Smith.

He had learned from previous work experiences that if he found his niche, made the right connections and learned from the success of others, his company would not only survive, it would flourish.

“In life, you can’t know it all, so you’ve got to [be] around people who have been successful and have proven track records,” Smith said in a recent Q&A for Qualified Remodeler.

Smith soon became a member of NAHB Remodelers and made connections with other remodelers and tradesmen, many of whom had several decades worth of experience from which he could learn.

In his second year, his profits grew to $50,000. In the third, they grew to $100,000. It wasn’t long before his company’s book of business was totaling several millions of dollars, and he attributes much of that growth to his membership in the NAHB 20 Clubs.

“It’s wonderful because you’re able to talk differently [with fellow club members from different markets across the country] than you would with your local builders association,” Smith said. “It’s in a non-compete area, so you’re able to talk about marketing, business, hiring and all different kinds of practices; share paperwork stuff; and discuss what you’ve learned, what works well and what doesn’t.”

Smith says the knowledge he gained helped give his company the competitive edge it needed. He modified certain aspects of his business to adapt to an ever-changing market. And lately, he’s adjusted his hiring practices to better sustain the labor shortage.

Read the full Q&A with Smith where he goes into greater detail about his approach to growing his business and working with the right people.

If you know a professional remodeler who takes remodeling to the next level, nominate him or her for NAHB Remodeler of the Month.



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