How to Modify the Codes in Your State

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toolboxForty-eight states and jurisdictions adopt some version of the model International Energy Efficiency Code (IECC). However, there are a number of provisions in the model that can be improved.

The NAHB Construction Codes and Standards department has put together a Code Adoption Kit for each edition of the IECC to help states through the code adoption process.

Occasionally, a few changes are made to the code that are not practical or cost effective for many builders. To fix these changes at the state and local level, each toolkit contains written series of amendments (in legislative format) along with a “reason statement” to submit for the adopting authorities’ consideration.

That makes the 2015 version of NAHB’s energy codes adoption kit a great tool for home builders and HBAs seeking codes that save home owners on their energy bills in a more cost-effective, sensible manner.

There’s no national requirement for states to use the latest version of the codes. Some states use the 2012 or 2009 editions, or a combination of the three. In all cases, NAHB has adoption kits to help builders and HBAs convince the adopting authority that a modified version of the model code is the way to go.

Each kit has three components:

  • Major changes to the new version of the code
  • Cost increases associated with the latest code
  • Suggested amendments to the code to fix existing problems

In addition to the code adoption kits, NAHB provides a state energy code map that indicates which energy code is  in effect in each state. Separately, there is a list of the major amendments by state, if any, that have been made to the published version of the code along with a link to the actual legislation showing the code as adopted.

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