White House Seeks NAHB’s Help to Seat Gorsuch

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This post was updated on March 30 to include the video and web page below.

As Senate Democrats prepare for a filibuster, the Trump Administration has called on NAHB to help speed the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court — and your association is honored to comply.

With NAHB CEO Jerry Howard representing the real estate industry, a small group of national association executives were invited to a March 23 meeting at the White House to discuss how these associations’ extensive grassroots networks can lead the charge.

NAHB senior leadership has long viewed Gorsuch, a respected jurist, as an excellent Supreme Court candidate, and with a number of important land use decisions facing the court, want to see the vacant position filled quickly.

“Our members understand how important it is to fill this seat, and we will do everything we can to make it happen,” Howard said.

Supplementing the work of members in the field, NAHB began an advertising and social media campaign targeting those states whose senators can work to avoid the filibuster to move the nomination process forward.

View this page to learn how you can contact your senator. For more information, contact Federal Legislative Director Alex Strong at 202-266-8279.



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  2. Robin Ward says:


  3. Rick White says:

    Definitely! Speed up the speed up the appointment of Gorsuch!

  4. Tim says:

    If it was so important to fill the seat why didn’t you lobby to have Obama’s pick get his hearing.

    Stay out of it!

  5. Just out of curiosity, when did NAHB become a tool of the Republican Party and the Trump Administration? Why is the Federation spending time and money to become actively involved in a SCOTUS nomination? Back in the days when I sat on the BuildPAC Board I was led to believe that NAHB’s political agenda was solely to support legislative candidates and that the Federation never got involved with presidential politics.

    I fully realize the political persuasion of a vast majority of the membership as well as the personal political involvement of several of our former leaders but I thought that we were in the business of building homes, not politics.

    Did I miss a fundamental shift not only in policy but also in the very nature of the organization? Was this disclosed to the membership at large as I did not receive such a notice?

    • NAHB Now says:

      Thanks for your comments, Dan. We have thrown our support behind judicial nominees in the past. As Jerry indicated in the blog post, it’s important to fill this seat for the good of our country.For that reason, when the administration asked for our help in mobilizing members to encourage that the vote take place as soon as possible on the Senate floor, we were happy to help, especially as cases of great importance to our members will soon be before the court.

      • Filling that seat for “the good of our country”? That is a meaningless and somewhat pejorative sound bite. Who has the audacity to assume that NAHB or any of its leaders have the authority to determine what is best for our country?

        This may be the leadership’s view of what is good for the membership and for business and I would not disagree with that but please, let’s keep this on a business footing.

        And on the subject of NAHB leadership and politics, where was NAHB’s voice on the Trump deportation plan and its impact on our industry as we lose skilled tradesmen when there is already a severe shortage of labor? Does our industry only speak out when it is easy or convenient?

  6. James says:

    I second Dan’s comments.

    This press release seems like it came directly from the Trump communications department rather than the NAHB.

    Filling the open SCOTUS seat is important to the country, but for much more than “land use decisions”.
    Frankly I’m dumbfounded the NAHB would weigh in on such a devisive and complex issue. Apparently with little regard of how publicly supporting Gorsuch would conflict members. There was certainly no acknowledgment of that in the press release.

    NAHB Member
    North Carolina

  7. Ted Mahoney says:

    I do not care if you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent. I am appalled as a 30 Plus NAHB Member, A Home Builder and an attorney admitted to the United States Supreme Court that the Senate will not vote for immediate cloture. All of the justices I posted below including this one is qualified to serve as a Justice of The Supreme Court. This is about the Constitution and not petty politics. I am quite honestly ashamed to learn of anyone who would oppose any qualified justice to our highest court. Last I knew we were all Americans. No qualified justice has not made it to cloture. Then they still need to be voted on up or down. Please read the well written article I posted from the Washington Post. Here are the votes for the last six nominees who were confirmed:

    Elena Kagan: 63 to 37 (2010)
    Sonia Sotomayor: 68 to 31 (2009)
    Samuel A. Alito Jr.: 58 to 42 (2006)
    John G. Roberts Jr.: 78 to 22 (2005)
    Stephen G. Breyer: 87 to 9 (1994)
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 96 to 3 (1993)

  8. Merritt McDonald says:

    I did not see any comments that the POTUS consulted with NAHB prior to nomination. There are better qualified, neutral people that could have beenn interviewed.

  9. Sherrie says:

    If filling this seat is so important, why has it languished open for 14 months with the Senate majority not even looking at the candidate put forth by the last administration? There are others who should be vetted than this gentleman who so obviously is working the politics.

  10. Jim Beyer says:

    I also agree with Dan on Trump’s Deportation Plan. To me this is way more important if I loose a large percentage of my help. Apparently, the locals don’t want these jobs, so lets help keep the ones that do.
    It wasn’t important to fill the Supreme Court seat last year, so why so important to rush it through now??

  11. Joel Tucker says:

    Gorsuch is a respected jurist, well qualified as Supreme Court candidate. There is no reason to keep him from filling the open seat. Yes, it is in the interest of the construction industry to support a fair and balanced nomination to our highest court.

    I support the nomination and I support the leadership of the NAHB’s support of the nomination and ultimate approval of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

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