Trump Issues Executive Order to Roll Back Clean Power Plan Rule

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power linesPresident Trump today signed an executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency to rework the controversial Clean Power Plan rule, which requires states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants located within their borders.

In a statement in support of this action, NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald stated that the rule would drive up the cost of housing.

“NAHB commends President Trump’s executive order calling on the EPA to rework the Clean Power Plan rule,” he said. “If implemented, it could have resulted in the adoption of rigorous building energy codes that would harm housing affordability while doing little to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from housing. At the same time, the rule would add to the cost of new homes.”

While the rule is supposed to focus on power plants, EPA’s emission reduction requirements are so stringent that states would have had to use a variety of mechanisms to meet them.

Because EPA has encouraged states to use building energy efficiency, including the imposition of building codes, as a way to comply with these targets, NAHB has been engaged on this rule from the beginning, filing comments that significantly improved EPA’s treatment of energy efficiency in the final rule.

However, because incentives remain for states to use energy efficiency to meet these onerous requirements, NAHB, along with many other parties, filed a petition for review with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit challenging the rule.

The U.S. Supreme Court stayed implementation of the rule in 2016, and the D.C. Circuit heard oral arguments in September. The court has not yet issued a decision.

Trump’s executive order by itself won’t repeal the Clean Power Plan rule. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will need to decide what course of action to take – whether to work to dismantle the Clean Power Plan or scale it back.

For more information, contact Tamra Spielvogel at 202-266-8327.

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  1. Richard Greathouse says:

    Why in the world would responsible home builders oppose clean air and energy efficient homes that save owners money in the long run and help keep us all healthier?

  2. Martha Rose says:

    I’m actually an NAHB member who is in favor of clean power.. This administration’s efforts to roll back environmental protections is short sighted, ignoring the need to move away from fossil fuels and toward all renewable sources of power. I think that when NAHB starts promoting good environmental stewardship, they will find their membership increase. As long as they stay on the sinking ship and cling to outmoded thinking, they will go down too.

  3. John Kelly says:

    I am contemplating discontinueing my support for NAHB. Energy codes do have a major impact on carbon diixide emissions. Useing less engery in our buildings is a substantial way our society can get our carbon diixide emissions down . This is undisputable. The codes currently call for levels that do this as well as save owners money in long term operations. Global warming is real . If NARB feels that denying the overwhelming finding of climate scientist is a policy they choose to follow for short sighted goals, than I must look hard to determine it is an organixation that I should support.

  4. Leo A Keane says:

    Does the NAHB think there will not be any costs associated with climate change? Rolling back the Clean Power Plan is regressive and short-sighted–like all of Trump’s environmental deregulations. I wish the NAHB would lift us out of the dark ages and take on a more progressive mission. I am a builder and a member of the NAHB and I do not “laud” Trump’s order to roll back the Clean Power Plan.

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