Seattle Builder Creates Easy-to-Assemble Homes for the Homeless

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Building a home in less time than it takes to deliver a pizza is quite an accomplishment—no matter how small that home is.

A view from Mark Huber’s backyard where some  of the portable pods were staged before being relocated to homeless encampments.

In an effort to house more of the homeless in the Seattle area, Mark Huber, President of Huber’s Custom Building, recently designed and built numerous portable pods that can easily be assembled by just two people in under 30 minutes.

The dwellings may be very basic, but their simplistic assembly—and disassembly—is ideal for homeless encampments because they frequently are forced to relocate.

“If you had to go through the process of trying to bring in heavy equipment [each time they needed to relocate] the camp, it just didn’t make sense,” Huber said during an interview with local news station KIRO 7. “There ought to be a better way.”

Huber, a very active member of NAHB’s 20 Clubs, is no stranger to helping the less fortunate find solutions to their housing challenges. Through his previous initiatives working with those in need, he’s become very familiar with the living essentials they value most.

Not only do they provide a roof over their heads at night, but the pods also give residents a comfortable place to change their clothes and safely store their belongings, which better enables them to focus on finding employment during the day, Huber said.

The homes are very small, but their compact size is actually a benefit to the occupants, especially on a cold night. One of the encampment’s residents told KIRO 7 reporters the pods were the ideal size to retain body heat better than the larger pods and tents in which he previously lived.

“It’s a lot better than [living] under [a] bridge,” the resident said lightheartedly.

Go here to see video of the full report.



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  1. These are cool. SIPS construction?

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