Home Building Veteran to Lead SMC in 2017

Linda Hebert, president of Diversified Marketing & Communications in Pleasanton, Calif., has begun her one-year term as the NAHB National Sales and Marketing Council (NSMC) chair.

Hebert is a member of the BIA of the Bay Area in Walnut Creek, where she serves as NAHB liaison and is a longtime member of the SMC board, which she has chaired three times. Previously, she served as a member of the NSMC Board of Trustees.

Hebert joined the BIA when she began marketing new homes. She quickly got involved with the SMC, Associates Council and chapter of Professional Women in Building.

Linda Hebert

“I believe in maximizing your membership,” Hebert said. “The more people you know, the more you learn about how to improve your skills and industry knowledge. Peer-to–peer learning is so important, and at the sales and marketing council, you get to hear from the ground-up what’s going on in the marketplace. It’s the best group to go to if you want to hear it first.”

Networking with fellow BIA members led to starting her company. “”I didn’t plan on starting a business,” Hebert said. “I left a company, and people started asking me if I could do things for them. I was fortunate to have a broad network of industry friends and knew that if I couldn’t do something, I could call on someone else who could provide that particular service for my client.”

2017 NAHB Chair Granger MacDonald said he appointed Hebert because of her high level of expertise and many contributions to NAHB.

“Linda’s extensive volunteer service at the BIA and for NAHB makes her an ideal person to head the National Sales and Marketing Council,” MacDonald said. “She is a natural leader with a can-do attitude who inspires and motivates others to achieve. Linda also shares her expertise generously, and has a level-headed approach to solving problems that will serve the Council and its members well.”

Hebert wants to promote NSMC educational opportunities and develop new tools that help train and motivate the membership at the local level.

“NSMC is there for the local member,” Hebert said. “It is a great tool for improving your skill set and it’s a network of other like-minded professionals that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Hebert also hopes to support the housing industry legislatively during her term. “Salespeople are on the ground floor, in front of the public – the perfect people to help get our message out.

“A year is so short, I hope to have the opportunity to carry on the good work of the people who came before me,” Hebert said. “If I can move the bubble a bit and keep it rolling, we will continue to be successful and provide the products and services that local SMCs and members need.”

To learn more about NSMC, contact Joe McGaw at 800-368-5242 x8693.



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