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We know that our HBAs around the country work hard to serve their members with innovative programs that help grow your bottom line. And now it’s time for us to recognize their achievements.

NAHB is accepting nominations for the Association Excellence Awards, an annual program that recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of state and local HBAs (HBA Awards) and executive officers (Individual Awards) in the field of association management.

The HBA Awards feature categories like Best Community Service Project, Best Education Program and Best Membership Event. The award categories are judged by association size, so all associations have an opportunity to be recognized for their achievements.

If you’ve participated in a local HBA program that you think deserves recognition, we encourage you to let your HBA know the impact of that program on you and why you think it’s deserving of an award. Applications must be submitted by Executive Officers (or their designees); however, feedback from members can encourage them to apply and could strengthen their application.

Plus, it’s always great for HBAs to hear how their services are helping their members.

The deadline for AEA-HBA Award nominations is March 31. Winners of the 2016 AEA Awards will be announced in August. For more information about the awards, visit nahb.org/aea.

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