The Science and Art Behind Selling

The science of selling—tapping into what customers want and how to sell it to them—proved to be a pretty common theme at the International Builders’ Show. Learn more about the seven key areas that are likely to make your buyers’ hearts’ skip a beat, and what to keep in mind when designing your next home.

Great Design

Experts say that escapism, converged living, cultural influences and that both task oriented (functional) and experiential (emotion) spaces are currently leading the way in new home design. These other trends should be considered as well.

Wairau Valley House, New Zealand, Photo Credit: Paul McCredie

Kitchen, family and dining room converge in singular space, Turnberry Model, KB Home, Riverside, Calif.









The Retail Experience

In today’s fast-paced, short-attention-span world, capturing the buyer’s eye and keeping them focused on the mark can be challenging. Marketing and merchandising plays a big role in this. Experts agree that offline, it should start with the sales center. The model home experience should be a journey for the client. Using virtual and augmented reality in the sales center and throughout model homes or giving clients the freedom to explore on their own, at their convenience can make for a more unique and memorable experience.

Potomac Yard Sales Center, Alexandria, Va., designed and fabricated by Lyons & Sucher, 2012 Nationals Gold Winner, on behalf of Pulte Homes


Homes and communities, both single- and multifamily, built within close driving or walking distance to public transportation, shopping, dining, schools and other amenities will always win with buyers (and renters).


Buyers, especially millennials, love options. The more distinct possibilities offered, even if it’s only two or three, the better your chances of staying competitive.


Color triggers emotional response in humans. Play around with different colors in different rooms to hit the emotional hot spot for buyers. And look to the future; color in architectural design is changing shape. Learn more about how to take advantage of these new trends.

Palo Alto Arts and Crafts

Dining room with cool teal accents on walls and ceiling, Fergus Garber Young Architects

Focus on Women

Research shows that women are the primary decision makers when it comes to consumer spending, and especially when it comes to home purchases. Keeping this top of mind at each phase of the design-build process should help sell more homes.

Click on the photo to see the full infographic; Courtesy of Business Insider magazine


Providing ways for buyers to make the space their own, like a memory wall or art alcove, will give them one more reason to fall in love.

Sloped Ceiling Kitchen and Den

Adam Gibson Design, Carmel, Ind.


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