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The NAHB Nominations Committee has certified two candidates for 2018 Third Vice Chairman: John “Chuck” Fowke of Valrico, Florida, who is a member of the Tampa Bay Builders Association, and Fred Hoppe of Lincoln, Nebraska, who is a member of the Central Nebraska Home Builders Association.  The candidates will address the NAHB Board of Directors at the Midyear Board of Directors meeting in Washington, D.C.

Both candidates’ statements are posted on the NAHBNow blog in alphabetical order. Here is the statement from candidate Fowke:

John "Chuck" Fowke

John “Chuck” Fowke

John “Chuck” Fowke, a Florida custom builder, is president of Homes by John C. Fowke Inc., in Bloomingdale, Florida. Chuck and his brother David established the company in 1974.

“Never let ‘good enough’ be good enough” is Chuck’s personal motto. Home building excellence runs in Chuck’s blood, from the quality of homes his company builds to his intense, decades-long dedication to the home building industry.

Chuck is an NAHB Senior Life Director and serves as the NAHB National Area Chair for Area 5. He is a long-time member of the NAHB Executive Board and has served as chair of the Federal Government Affairs, Resolutions, Audit and Association Planning committees and as moderator of the National Area Chairs.

Chuck has received numerous awards, including the Florida Home Builders Association’s most prestigious Dick Baker Award in 2014 and was a recipient of the Florida Home Builders Eagle Award in 2012.  He was recognized as the Builder of the Year by his local and state associations in 2006 and 2009, respectively.  Chuck has served on the Florida Home Builders Association Board of Directors since 1996 and the executive committee since 1997.

He has served as chair of the Charity Women’s Crisis Center’s Addition & Renovation Committee and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Showcase home.  Also, Chuck has served on the City of Tampa Hurricane Codes Committee and the Workers Compensation Board.

Chuck is married to Annalisa and together they have a blended family of five children.

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  1. Al Zichella says:

    Congratulations Chuck!

  2. I have personally known Chuck for just over ten years. My wife of 30-years and I live in the immediate area where Chuck has built the majority of his luxury homes. His reputation around town is beyond reproach. The quality and craftsmanship of his homes are considered the holy grail by families throughout Central Florida who all strive to own a “Fowke” custom home.
    Chuck is known for “his word is his bond” kinda man. It’s been said by many the only true legacy a man can leave behind is integrity. I can assure you that in Chucks case, his legacy is as solid as the rock hard foundations of the homes he builds.
    My words would be mirrored by everyone who has ever met or had business dealings with him. He’s the right man at the right time to hold this position. I encourage everyone to cast their ballot in favor of Mr. John “Chuck” Fowke.

  3. Congrats Chuck!! You are a great example of what makes NAHB great!!😊

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