Remodeler Shares Keys to Greater Profits

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Aaron Marvin, owner of A.C.T. Builders, is the NAHB Remodeler of the Month for January.

A slow-and-steady approach toward quality can help a business win the race for revenue.

According to Aaron Marvin, owner and co-founder of A.C.T. Builders in Vancouver, Wash., developing that kind of strategy throughout his career has helped his company build steady revenue at greater profitability.

“Slowing the process just slightly allows for a more consistent and higher quality product,” Marvin said in a recent Q&A for Qualified Remodeler. “It also allows us to offer more of that personal, one-on-one attention we strive to provide. Performing to these standards will often lead to growth.”

The manner in which he’s helped A.C.T. grow is a large reason why Marvin has been selected as the NAHB Remodeler of the Month for January.

However, Marvin acknowledges that a slower process doesn’t always mean a better product. He knows that being an accomplished remodeler in today’s market requires just as much business savvy as it does craftsmanship skills.

A big component of A.C.T.’s success is the result of what Marvin has learned from his fellow NAHB 20 Clubs members — a network of colleagues from across the country who to talk openly with each other about the challenges their businesses face in their respective markets and solutions they’ve found.

Above all, Marvin says it’s what his dad—and business partner—taught him about being a good family man and a respected business owner that opened the most opportunities for their company.

“[My dad] is truly the one who keeps the whole thing running,” Marvin said. “He’s the hardest-working person I have ever met, and without [learning from] his work ethic, I wouldn’t be in this position.”

If you know a professional remodeler who takes remodeling to the next level, nominate him or her for NAHB Remodeler of the Month.


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