The Bright Side of Multiple Management Personalities

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Each of us has traits that are uniquely ours: how we look, talk or how well we can sing and dance. However, the traits from which the majority of us benefit the most pertain to how we work.

Without examining how we approach our work responsibilities and comparing that to the approach of our colleagues, there is increased risk for miscommunication and unmet goals. A clear understanding of the tendencies of others is much more likely to lead to success.

leadership workshopLast month, leaders from HBAs in North Carolina seized an opportunity to assess the communication preferences and HBA objectives in their respective local associations. Presidents, EOs and other volunteer leaders from 15 HBAs gathered together to hold a team planning session.

The session consists of a series of exercises for leadership pairs to complete together, including discussions of each HBA’s overall vision, communication channels and decision-making processes. Many focused on optimizing time management, clarifying roles and identifying unique leadership styles.

NAHB Advisory Services facilitated the workshop, which was brief — less than three hours long — but productive. Those who attended say it helped strengthen President-EO partnerships with more effective communication going into 2017.

“Working with our local leadership to address our priorities for the next year was very beneficial,” an attendee wrote in a post-session survey. “And learning how different personality types can be used to complement rather than conflict with each other will be so helpful in nearly every collaborative situation.”

The EOs had completed NAHB-facilitated leadership training earlier this year, but this was the first such team-planning workshop for NCHBA volunteer leaders and EOs together.

More details about HBA training programs and resources are available through NAHB’s Advisory Services.

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