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Because we want to continue providing NAHB members with as much access as possible to in-person designation education courses, NAHB recently launched its Instructor Licensee program.

The program supplements existing designation course offerings across the country, particularly in areas where HBAs are not providing those education services, by allowing NAHB instructors to purchase their own education licenses and deliver courses they’re pre-approved to teach.

The Instructor Licensee program gives understaffed and overstretched state and local HBAs the option to offer these professional development programs to members without committing to a license.

During the recession, many state and local associations downsized their staffs and redirected both priorities and money toward other activities and programs.

Since then, NAHB has seen a steep decline in the number of education licenses purchased by HBAs, which has created access gaps across the country. Many members who were either interested in starting or finishing designation courses have not been able to do so easily.

The new Instructor Licensee program addresses this problem by creating access points through individual instructors across the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and internationally, as requests arise.

Today,  32 states have at least one state or local HBA education license. That means there are still 18 states without local access to designation courses.

NAHB is actively looking for more instructors. Participation in the Instructor Licensee program is open to current, approved instructors who are willing to support and connect with local HBAs that are not currently offering designation courses.

To learn more about becoming an approved instructor, email Andrea Raggambi at or call 202-266-8153.


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  1. What a great opportunity to provide more educational courses nationwide to and for all of our federation members!
    Take a moment to determine the best course offerings you are capable of teaching, then offer your talents!
    Our members are clamoring for more education!
    ONwards and UPwards!

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