Brady Explains How to Keep Housing Affordable

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Burdensome regulations add about 24% to the cost of housing, needlessly hiking the cost of homes for low- and middle-income families, Ed Brady told the Washington Post in a letter to the editor published Saturday.

Brady’s letter came in response to two opinion pieces, Better housing policy could save us money and We don’t need more housing projects, published earlier in the month.

Brady also discussed the importance of housing finance reform, preservation of the 30-year mortgage and the important role low-income housing tax credits play to help “alleviate the affordable-housing crisis and promote job and economic growth.”

Read his letter here.

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  1. Excellent points!
    Too much money is spent on meaningless entitlement issues with jurisdictions.
    We all need to do a better job of having our best entitlement companies and representatives representing us on planning commissions to reduce these expensive costs!
    Please encourage your knowledgeable associates to become involved today!
    ONwards and UPwards!

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