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5 Reasons to Go North for Marketing Services

Filed in Sales & Marketing, Sponsored Content by on October 28, 2016 1 Comment

Having participated in The Nationals the last few years and gaining more exposure and insight into the U.S. marketing and advertising scene, Robert Galletta, managing partner at Blackjet Inc., a Toronto-based, digital design firm with extensive real estate, noticed a striking trend.

Each year, Canadian-based companies, including his own Webby award-winning company, has won a disproportionately large number of awards compared to U.S.-based companies.

“That got me wondering why, so I did a little research, and discovered some interesting facts,” he said.

Here’s five reasons why it may be beneficial for a home builder or remodeler to use a Canadian marketing firm.

Canadians are digital natives. According to Comscore, Canadians spend 36.3 hours per week online–the highest in the world. Over the years, this has cultivated a wealth of digital innovation across all customer touchpoints. From fully immersive mobile and augmented reality tools to viral community launches done solely through social media with no money spent on traditional advertising.

A global perspective. Foreign investment and a healthy immigration policy have been the lifeblood for major Canadian markets for well over a decade. Marketers have become increasingly skilled at targeting decision makers and understanding cultural nuances that drive foreign investment.

Design excellence. As a result of the international flavor pouring into major cities, there has been a massive culture and design impact. Influences from across the globe have made their way into everything from brand design, interiors and storytelling. This flavor has truly impacted how many projects are marketed.

Skilled at non-traditional marketing. Most real estate projects (specifically high-rise) are sold prior to construction ever starting. That means 70-80% of the project must be sold before a builder can obtain construction financing. Consumers can’t walk through the home, touch and feel the finishes or even move in for as much as five years into the future. So all the heavy lifting is done through non-traditional market approaches, or intense storytelling and an emphasis on visualization.

Exchange rate. One U.S. dollar buys over $1.30 Canadian. This is a great way to stretch those marketing dollars; that’s a 30% savings.

So, the next time you’re bringing a project to market, consider stepping outside and investigate the possibility of a North-South agency partnership. It might just be the best investment you make.


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