Inaugural NAHB Professional Women in Building Weeks Kicks Off

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Guest author Cindy Cepko, 2016 NAHB Professional Women in Building Chair, MIRM, CGP, CMP, CSP, kicks off the first NAHB Professional Women in Building Weeka time set aside to recognize and honor the role women play in the home building construction industry.  2016-pwb-graphic-centered


We all have our stories. Stories of how we got started in the construction industry. Stories of why we stay in the construction industry.

As we kick off the inaugural NAHB Professional Women in Building Week, I encourage you to share your stories with young women on the edge of choosing a career path; share them with those who are just entering the construction field or even with those who have been working for some time, but need encouragement to continue. Whatever your story, there is someone out there who will benefit from hearing it.

NAHB Professional Women in Building Week was created to celebrate the many contributions women have made and will continue to make within the ranks of the residential construction industry. NAHB and the Council also set aside this time to focus attention and drive awareness of everything women do to promote, enhance and support other women within the industry.  The week offers an opportunity for PWB members across the country to share the value of the council membership as well.

Throughout the week on the NAHBNow blog we’ll focus on five different themes:

  • Motivation
  • Trailblazers
  • Winning
  • Thankfulness
  • Focus

Make sure to visit the blog around 3 p.m. ET every day this week for exclusive stories, tips and resources.

Because today is Motivation Monday, kick start your NAHB Professional Women in Building Week by reaching out to a young woman who is just getting started in the industry. She (or they) may be part of the NAHB Student Chapters program, a project manager on a building site, a building designer, or young sales professional. Tell them that you are glad they are a part of the industry and connect them with a role model from whom they can learn. Share resources your HBA, NAHB Professional Women in Building Council, or the NAHB federation has to offer them.

If you are not already a member of the NAHB Professional Women in Building Council or a partner with the council in some way, I encourage you to join our network of volunteers that are inspired to build a legacy for the next generation of female building professionals.

Find more tips for celebrating the week, including sample marketing and advertising materials, news media resources, and more at


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  1. Truly Burton says:

    We were proud to be the on the panel discussion down here at the NAHB Mid-year Board Meeting in Miami at the Fountainbleu Hotel. BASF, as the host association, had 3 of our members, and our EVP, participate. We are running our businesses, sucessfully, housing our families and feeding the kids….There you have it!

  2. As the first male member of our local PWB of the HBA of Metro Denver, I would like to share that our PWB is lead by awesome women who have made a tremendous impact on our industry in every aspect of our industry!
    The PWB advances networking, leadership and education opportunities for everyone to learn how to enhance their vocational performance while developing long-lasting friendships!
    Get involved today!
    Join your local and national PWB!
    Attend meetings!
    Improve your profession!
    Congratulations on taking the next step to help yourself through PWB relationships!
    ONwards and UPwards!

  3. Hi – There is not a local chapter where I am – Columbia, SC. How can I get involved? I usually attend IBS as well as other NAHB events. thanks

    • NAHBNow says:

      Hi Allison, we are currently working on starting a chapter in Columbia, S.C. In the meantime, you can join NAHB PWB as an at-large member by going to

      Sheronda Carr, Executive Director
      NAHB Professional Women in Building

  4. Shirley Wiseman says:

    The building industry has evolved in a very significant way. 1986 the year I was elected to climb the NAHB ladder to the Presidency was a very different time. I stand in awe of the progress we have made in leadership roles in our industry. In our profession we cross all lines. We have women in leadership roles in every construction venue.
    Ladies support our women, far to often it is the men who give the hand up to our women in construction trades…….Be bold……lead, support women in leadership roles.
    I know it counts, I have been there.

    Shirley Wiseman
    NAHB President 1989
    First Woman President of NAHB

  5. Meredith Oliver says:

    So proud of everything PWB does on a local, state, and national level to support women in building and the building industry. It is a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing, empowering group of professionals.

  6. Juli Bacon says:

    Very excited to be celebrating PWB week. I am inspired by the women with whom I serve!

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