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lightbulbWhy do Builders and Associates join your association? Why do they renew? Why do they need your HBA’s products or services?

Have the answers to these questions before you begin recruiting.

Core Competencies in Membership Management: Membership Marketing, a handbook developed by the ASAE Membership Section Council, discusses preparing for your audience:

Before you can target new prospects, you must know all you can about your current member and customer base. Talk to your members and customers regularly to assess their changing professional needs and wants. This is an inexpensive research method and one you can do fairly easily throughout the year.

Current members and customers will tell you what you need to know to appeal to new members and customers. Have them tell you – through testimonials in writing, in telephone conversations, in focus groups at trade shows, and at chapter meetings—what real value and benefits they receive as an individual or organization member or customer of your association. Individuals, not organizations, ultimately make decisions to join or buy, so talk to individuals.

Think about applying your association’s benefits as solutions to what your prospective member needs. Your prospect may say, “I need to…”

  • Increase profitability
  • Improve business practices, become more competitive
  • Increase opportunity
  • Improve quality or productivity
  • Learn a skill
  • Build a better network
  • Gain exposure

These needs communicate true value. There is a benefit at the local, state, or national level that can help the individual accomplish his or her need.

Need more ammo? You can visit the Value of NAHB website to find more ways NAHB delivers real value to its members.


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  1. All good points from which to prepare to sell our memberships!
    Don’t forget to emphasize your third party testimonials that you have collected and membership benefits which you have experienced!
    The more you share your experiences and the business development rewards and the governmental affairs benefits with your prospects, the easier it will be to sell the memberships!
    ONwards and UPwards!

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