New American Remodeled Home: It’s All About Efficiency

During the upcoming International Builders’ Show in Orlando, The New American Remodeled Home 2017 will get its third chance to make a first impression.

A look inside the Great Room just prior to drywall installation.

A look inside what will be the great room, just prior to drywall installation.

The original home that was built in 1987 suffered a significant fire back in the mid-90s, resulting in damage so substantial that much of it had to be rebuilt. Its current makeover — a complete gutting and high-end remodel — is essentially the third time the home has been constructed.

“You have to go with the flow and expect surprises with a project of this nature, and then be open to figuring out the solutions,” said Phil Kean, president of Phil Kean Design Group, which owns the project. He’s also the man in charge of building The New American Home 2017 just a few blocks away in the same Lake Nona community on the outskirts of Orlando.

Improving the structural integrity of the remodeled home was their first priority. But Kean and his team didn’t just repair the residual damage: They focused on making every component throughout the home much stronger.

And by using nothing but the latest products and building techniques, it will be significantly more energy efficient.

“The original home’s HERS Index was 20% above today’s allowable code,” said Drew Smith, president of Two Trails, Inc. who oversees the sustainable building verification of the home.

“Our numbers indicate total energy consumption will be cut by 50-60% by the time the project is completed. But it’s still evolving, and we’re confident that in the end the energy savings will be even greater than the current projections.”

All of the primary elements of energy saving will be in place, including Energy Star– certified appliances, high-efficiency LED lighting, a tankless water heater and double pane windows.

What will make the efficiency even more interesting are the changes to the HVAC, insulation and roof.

  • New heating and cooling systems are expected to reduce energy costs by approximately 52% and 75%, respectively.
  • Foam insulation and high-tech, sound-absorbing, damage-resistant drywall will dramatically boost the home’s R-values between 40-80%.
  • Roof battens are elevated with unique ridge risers that allow air to travel beneath and moderate the roof’s temperature. Also, the color of the roof (and much of the exterior) will be white to reflect more sunlight.

Overall, the total energy costs of the home are expected to drop from an annual average of nearly $3,700 to less than $1,800.

View video footage of Phase II of the project.

Roofers working on the The New American Remodeled Home.

Roofers working atop the The New American Remodeled Home.

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