Clinton Releases Plan to Help Small Businesses

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booksIn another sign that issues of importance to the housing community are gaining traction in the 2016 election campaign, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has unveiled a plan to make starting a small business “as easy as setting up a lemonade stand in the front yard.”

The proposal was unveiled less than two weeks after Gene Sperling, one of Clinton’s top economic advisers, addressed the NAHB Board of Directors in Miami and spoke about her plans for housing. Donald Trump also spoke before the NAHB board to talk about the need to cut burdensome regulations that are preventing a more robust housing recovery.

Key components of the Clinton plan include:

  • Making it easier to start a business and become profitable.
  • Making it easier to get financing and find investors.
  • Making it cheaper and faster to file taxes and provide tax relief.
  • Making it easier to offer health care and other benefits to employees.
  • Making it easier to work with the federal government.
  • Making it easier to fight back when small businesses are cheated by big business.

In addition, Clinton has unveiled a plan to support community banks and credit unions. The proposal would:

  • Streamline safe mortgage lending by community banks and credit unions.
  • Make clear when community banks and credit unions are exempt from regulation and cut down on regulatory “creep.”
  • Avoid duplicative and unnecessary examinations for community banks and credit unions.
  • Simplify capital requirements for community banks while making sure that all banks remain appropriately capitalized.

View more details on Clinton’s plans for small businesses and community banks.

NAHB continues to work with both candidates to keep housing and small business issues in the forefront of the election campaign. We will post any relevant plans from the Trump campaign pertaining to the small business community when they become available.

NAHB does not endorse presidential candidates.



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  1. It appears to me that you are endorsing Hillary for President. Please stop.

  2. If it only can be implemented!
    Should these strategies be introduced into practice, we would experience more business and new memberships and increased membership retention!
    ONwards and UPwards!

  3. Wally says:

    •Streamline regulation and cut red tape for community banks and credit unions, •Reduce the burden of student debt by allowing entrepreneurs to defer student loan payments with no interest while they get their ventures off the ground. , •Expand and streamline the SBA’s Small Business Investment Company program, which provides community venture capitalists and lenders with access to low-cost capital to invest in small businesses in their neighborhoods, •Expand access to credit in underserved communities, including by expanding and making permanent the New Market Tax Credit, and doubling support for community development financial institutions and the State Small Business Credit Initiative, •Give the SBA administrator the authority to continue providing 7(a) loan guarantees to small businesses if demand is higher than the yearly cap, •Expand access to working capital by expanding the SBA’s working capital guarantee programs and lowering working capital fees for businesses in underserved communities.
    Does this sound familiar? Remember her husbands famous quote “everyone should be able to own a piece of the American dream” referring to owning a home regardless of your ability to pay for it?
    This kind of government interference set up our economy for the largest housing bubble that caused the last recession so now based on all these promises of government assistance and loan payment deference what kind of bubble will we be creating this time?
    Yes regulation needs to be reduced, taxes need to be reduced, and taxes disguised as permits and license need to be reduced but who is going to pay for all this stuff she is proposing?
    Trump has proposed to just reduce the taxes and penalties period and let the market take care of itself without all this government interference and involvement.

  4. Holmes says:

    Over the past 60 years and more, we have become increasingly dependent on the Federal Government to assist in our business world. This help is now being paid for by the huge cost of regulation, need to pay K Street lawyers, and over-the-top tax burdens.

    Remember the old wag, what are the two biggest lies in the world? The check is in the mail, and the person who says “Hi, I’m from the government and I am here to help!” Well this applies with what has happened to our economy. Look at it, a multiyear stagnation which I think many agree is the longest run of no growth in our nation’s history.

    So watch out for promises with tweaking government regulations because those only amount to moving around chairs on the deck of a sinking ship.

  5. Marsha says:

    It would certainly be nice if NAHB entertained laying out Trump’s vision also. Isn’t this article a bit “left” sighted! Yes, I meant “sighted”! Why all the space for Clinton?

  6. Lynch says:

    Clinton’s plan doesn’t sound like a plan…” Make it easier” to do this and do that. A plan would be more specific actions. No depth to this if this is what she calls plan. Keep us posted. Thanks!

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