Using Nature to Add Value

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tranquil gardenSwimming pools and tennis courts are desirable community features, but they don’t quite top the list for most home buyers. The most sought-after features are ones that create a strong connection with nature.

A recent NAHB survey shows that among the top five community characteristics prospective buyers seek, three involve nature; buyers want to be close to parks, walking trails and lakes.

All developments are unique, and some are much more blessed than others with natural beauty. But regardless of its geographic region, a properly designed community offers enhanced livability and stronger property values, according to Jim Constantine, principal at the architectural design firm Looney Ricks Kiss.

In the spring issue of Best in American Living magazine, Constantine gives an overview of the best ways to add value to a community by developing its identity and capitalizing on the demand for park access and natural features.

“Striking the right balance between the built environment and open space has benefits, which are demonstrated in many vibrant neighborhoods, old and new,” says Constantine. “Where nature meets neighborhood, there are opportunities for varying design approaches that range from bringing the ‘wild’ into the community, to remaking the natural edge to look as picturesque as a romantic landscape painting.”

In his article, Constantine elaborates on how to let nature in with features such as trail systems, pocket parks and watercourses. He also sees the challenges of storm water management as design opportunities.

Go to Best in American Living to read the full article.


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