SolSmart Hopes to Spur Growth of Solar

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solsmart logoBuilders and remodelers whose clients are interested in solar power know there’s a lot more to it than just installing a photovoltaic panel (or six). There’s the permitting, confusing rules about financing and incentive programs, and other potential hurdles that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says can add as much as $2,500 to the cost of going solar.

Now DOE is stepping up to the plate with the launch of SolSmart, a community designation program intended to spur the growth of solar power by knocking over these hurdles.

Towns and cities that want to pursue the Solsmart designation can get free technical assistance to help make their approval processes more efficient so they’re less of a burden on overworked local governments. That saves money, too, which spurs even more interest in going solar.

Home Innovation Research Labs is a DOE partner for this program and will work on the designation end, while The Solar Foundation is taking the lead on the technical side.

If your community gets designated, DOE hopes it will be easier and cheaper for your clients to go solar — and with luck, attract more solar-oriented businesses looking to open up shop. Learn more at the SolSmart website.

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  1. easier nowadays to attract more people into solar ,especially after the great hype around it these past couple of years !

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