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iStock_000072947609_LargeEveryone loves a deal. So what would you say about a 3-in-1 membership? Some people don’t know it, but by being members of their local HBA, they are also members of their state association and NAHB.

That is a great deal. If you have a friend or colleague who has always been interested in joining your local association, let them know they will receive a 3-in-1 membership – automatically. This may be enough to get them to sign up. If they need one more nudge, have them look at their national member benefits.

Need more? Remember all of our membership benefits are based on five pillars:

Networking. Invaluable networking opportunities with more than 140,000 members from all areas of the industry. Join a committee or a council. Attend membership meetings. Teach a class. Work on a community service project. New contacts and professional recognition come easy when you are involved!

Advocacy. NAHB’s keen focus helps defeat excessive regulations and defend affordable housing initiatives on Capitol Hill, your state and your community. Members are kept informed on what to expect and how to be part of the solution. NAHB leverages the power of members in local associations across the country to effectively lobby on our behalf.

Expertise. Members have access to NAHB’s team of expert advisors of distinguished economists, tax specialists, legal research staff, business management consultants and financial, regulatory and technical specialists. Access to the members-only website gives you immediate news and analysis.

Savings. Valuable member discounts on vehicles, shipping, computers, car rentals, office supplies and more. Participating nationally known companies include GM, UPS, Office Depot, Dell, and Geico, to name just a few.

Knowledge. Hundreds of educational programs are available through discounted conferences, courses (both traditional classroom and online) and webinars. Members enjoy nation’s leading source for housing industry information through e-newsletters, online publications, exclusive website content, bulletins and special reports on everything from economics to codes, standards and beyond.

The 3-in-1 membership is a great deal for anyone who has business in the housing industry. Let your friends and colleagues know about these benefits. And stay tuned: We’ll report weekly with more ideas on how to recruit more members to our federation.

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  1. Encourage all of your associates in the industry to join!
    Let’s rebuild the NAHB to more than 250,000 members together!
    Your voice needs to be shared!
    ONwards and UPwards!

    • Jim Eckert says:

      Excellent effort Robert! Count our firm in as we work beyond the 250K. We are and are deep believers in the advocacy of NAHB. Best to you- Jim Eckert (770-771-1221)

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