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rolodexMember-to-member recruitment efforts are the largest source of growth for our NAHB Federation. These efforts lead to the development of the general membership, our leadership pipeline and the growth of our network.

Every day, you do business with dozens of building industry professionals. Each one is a prospective member.

Build a list of your contacts and use this as your base to start recruiting. Check your list against you local association roster to identify non-members. Then, ask those prospects to join!

To make it easier, we have created a list that you can customize and build your own “Prospect Rolodex,” or virtual rotary card file. You could find more than 100 potential new members without even leaving your desk!

The prospect Rolodex has been heralded by Second Vice Chairman of the Board Randy Noel as “the single most effective recruiting tool” we have.

“What the Rolodex does is it makes your list for your, and [that list] might include people you didn’t even think would join NAHB: your lawyer, your real estate agent, your bank. Then you call them and they join. Right now, we need to do everything we can, as builders, to get our associates back. There were many who left us, [but] all you got to do is pick up the phone and call them, and they’ll come back. Then our membership numbers can begin to grow again,” he said.

Your HBA can provide you with a blank hard copy or you can download the spreadsheet. Update your list as your business contacts expand and as your prospects become members. The more you recruit, the higher you will move up the Spike Club ladder!

Do you have member recruitment questions?  Send them to Brace Ford.

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  1. Michael Kurpiel says:

    Do you have any template recruitment letters that builders can utilize to craft a message to tgier sub contractors, suppliers and service providers?
    Also, would you have any template letters for associates to utilize when speaking with non member builders or their own vendors?

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