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yesYou love your HBA membership and you think everyone in the industry should be a member. However, your friends and colleagues keep coming up with excuses not to join.

Here are some common objections you may hear from prospective members — along with some great responses to keep your pitch alive!

It’s too much money.

Your membership is an investment and a portion is tax-deductible. Your membership dues will more than be recouped when you utilize the many association benefits and services. Your cost of doing business would be higher if the association wasn’t working on your behalf. (Give examples of recent political or legislative victories (like these from NAHB) that allow builders to build more, and therefore associates to sell more, or of other benefits that help improve the member’s bottom line.) 

I’m too busy – I don’t have the time.

Work smarter, not harder! NAHB and your HBA keep you informed and reduce the time you need to keep up with industry developments.

I’m too small – I can’t compete with the big guys.

Did you know that 70% of our builder members construct less than 25 units a year, just like you? (Give examples of how your membership helps you compete – news, education, discount business services and products.)

NAHB doesn’t meet my needs.

Can you be specific, what needs? (Listen carefully to response.) Allow me to tell you about some of the association services and benefits that may interest you. For example, (offer local services that meet the needs mentioned).

Now is not the right time, maybe later.

Later may be too late. You really can’t afford to delay in being informed with the fast changes in the industry. Your support now will ensure that we continue to represent all facets of the industry. (Give examples of some of the hot issues the association is addressing or of some upcoming events/education.) 

I have my own association that represents my specific interests.

As a member of the builders association, you would have more of your interests represented. When the building industry is strong, you realize stronger business and greater profits. Also, as a member, you’ll have an inside track on the latest industry news, housing starts (where they are and who’s starting them), and you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside builders to improve the industry for everyone’s benefit.

You meet at night; that’s the worst time for me.

We may have our general membership meetings at night but, once you join, you’ll learn that there are many other activities that do not occur during the evening hours.

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  1. Excellent points!
    Another major point is to follow up with your prospects and always have something new to add to the conversation!
    Spikingly yours,

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