NAHB Again Pleads for a Better Lead Paint Test Kit

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NAHB continues to beat the drum on the importance of a reliable, easy-to-use and inexpensive way to test for the presence of lead-based paint in walls and trim as key to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting rule.

NAHB Remodeler Bob Hanbury testified to EPA about the importance of solving the test kit issues in June 2015 and the association followed up with written testimony in July.

Most recently, EPA requested comments on specific alternative lead test kit and field testing options, and NAHB repeated its message: None of the options available represents anything approaching the reliable, affordable lead-test kit promised in the original regulation before it became law in 2010.

In addition, NAHB again called on EPA to recalculate the economic analysis on which the rule is based. Remodelers’ real-world experience has found that the required work practices are significantly more expensive that EPA’s original estimates: again, because EPA has yet to recognize any test kit as meeting all regulatory requirements.

EPA admits a commercially available, reliable, affordable lead-test kit will not likely be brought to market anytime soon.

NAHB staff has been told additional opportunity public comment will be sought by the agency later this year. Stay tuned for further updates on efforts to address the lead test kit issue and further reform the RRP program.

Learn more about the rule at, or contact Tamra Spielvogel at 800-368-5242 x8327.

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  1. Just just popped across my dash, so I had to say something!

    Could some headway be made working with cities and municipalities? Radon testing is a huge deal in my area, and the city of Nashville– or some element of the local government– actually began giving away kits to homeowners for free.

    Especially in older homes and some areas of the country, lead paint can be such a devastating issue that it really seems like there should be a good way for regulators and officials and professionals to come together to work for the public safety.

  2. Jhoell says:

    Another great article about lead paint awareness that should not be ignored.

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