Digital Builder: Freshbrix, A Fresh Take on Builder-Buyer Communication

There was a lot of great new technology available at IBS this year, but one standout app was the 2016 Best Home Technology Product, Freshbrix: an app for builders created by a builder.

House PIcturesHere’s how it works: The builder enters information about the house being built, such as photos, plans and warranty, into the Freshbrix app, and provides the buyer with the login information for that project.

While construction is under way, the builder can continue to post photos, progress updates and other communications with the home owner as a cloud-based record of the project.

After the build is complete, the app stores all the specs, maintenance requirements and user manuals for the home and appliances.

Home owners can then reference the app quickly and conveniently to recall details about their home and set up alerts for when to perform regular maintenance.

The app also allows for easy contact between the builder and home owner in case there is a repair or warranty question.

NAHB member John Sekas was talking to a friend in the tech industry, and together they came up with the idea. The user experience for both the builder and home owner has been the primary focus of the app.

“They love it from a library and warranty point of view,” Sekas said. Now, his company, which builds about 20 homes a year, uses the app to replace the large binders he used to give to new home owners.Henry Homeowner

Sekas believes that this tool levels the playing field for small- to mid-size builders that don’t have the resources to manage a large amount of customer service requests. The app is free for home owners and costs the builder about $100 per home and there are no contracts.

Freshbrix is still young — having only launched in the third quarter of 2015 — but it is growing. The company continually rolls out new developments.

The app isn’t just a useful tool to store information about building a home, it’s a powerful platform to build relationships with your customers. Home owners will certainly see value in the way it simplifies complex information, and ultimately helps to reduce the stress and anxiety many feel when they become a first-time home buyer.

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