BSC Member Deltec Homes Launches First-Ever DIY Collection

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NAHB Building Systems Council (BSC) member Deltec Homes recently launched a do-it-yourself prefab home collection – a first for the home building industry.

“After 47 years of building homes, we realized that a lot of customers were looking at our home plans with the desire to build the homes themselves,” said Steve Linton, president of Deltec Homes. “The DIY Collection is a response to that need. It’s great for individuals who have always dreamed of building their own home.”

The collection features four distinct models in a small-to-medium footprint, and nine floor plans – all of which are built using the same materials and prefabrication methods as the company’s other high-performance homes.


Installation of wall panels. Photo Courtesy of Deltec Homes.

Every home comes with a roof, floor and wall system, overhang, pre-installed windows, Typar weather barrier, a full set of drawings, and a construction manual. Prices start around $32,000.

Each panel is assembled like a kit, making it easy for those with very little building experience. Once the home owner selects a model, windows and siding colors, the home is prefabricated at the Deltec’s manufacturing facility and delivered to the jobsite in six to eight weeks.

Linton said the typical home buyer spends about a week constructing the exterior, and takes as long as they want to do the work on the inside.

Rick Winkenwerder, a Deltec home owner in Asheville, N.C., and carpenter by trade, said it has always been a dream for him and his wife to build their own home.

For them, the “inside work” on their Ridgeline B model has taken the better part of a year, and continues today.

“It’s a choice that you make on the front end: that you’re going to be working,” Winkenwerder said.

Although he admits it’s not for everyone, the sweat equity and cost savings made it well worth the time and effort for them.

interior deltec home 3

Deltec home interior. Photo courtesy of Deltec Homes.

The American dream aside, from a sales perspective, Linton said that it is always best to offer as much variety and flexibility to home buyers as possible.

With the DIY collection, the company is able to provide a fully-customizable dream home that has been tested over and over again, quickly and at low cost.

“People are not just saving time, they’re saving money. And everyone’s interested in that. Doing it yourself means no design fees. The houses are ready to roll out since we’re pre-making a lot of the components and delivering them faster. As such, the price of the home goes down,” he said.

The DIY system is not just for consumers either. Linton said builders will find the streamlined process of constructing prefabricated homes beneficial as well.

“While the name of the collection implies that it’s solely for people who want to build their own homes, the reality is there are also a lot of builders who will find this option very attractive,” he said.


Installation of wall panels. Photo Courtesy of Deltec Homes.

There’s no reason a builder couldn’t work with a client to select a Deltec DIY plan, and finish it for them, he said, adding that there’s a lower up-front cost and increased speed to completion doing it this way.

Kim Randall, a Deltec DIY home owner in Whitehall, Wis., hired a contractor to put up the shell of his home, a classic round Deltec model. He and his wife, Debra, did everything else except the plumbing and electricity.

Randall said he’s been fascinated with round-shaped houses since high school, but it wasn’t until a tornado hit his hometown a few years ago that he made a move toward buying one from Deltec.

“After seeing the Deltec plans at a home builders seminar, seeing how they were built—strong and with such great materials—and hearing testimony from other customers…that was a tipping point for me,””he said.


Finished home of Kim and Debra Randall

Randall said he and his wife enjoyed the home building process because it allowed them to do exactly what they wanted on their own timeline without contract delays or unexpected costs.

However, the proud do-it-yourselfer conceded that it can be a tedious process. It took them two and a half years to complete their home.

Their saving grace: working with a company that stayed in constant contact, even after the house was built, he said.

“I never once felt they were impatient with us. Someone was always there with knowledge about doing something better or what direction we should take, to talk us through it, and help us out,” he said.

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