NAHB Launches Safety Saturdays

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NAHB Labor, Safety & Health this week launched Safety Saturdays — a new multimedia resource for home building professionals designed to make safety education more accessible, simple to use, and easier to digest.

Each Saturday, 30- to 45-second clips featuring various safety tips and techniques will be posted to the NAHBNow blog, which can be accessed anytime via PC or mobile device. Blog subscribers will receive them directly in their inbox.

The clips are also available on YouTube via the NAHBtv channel, and will be posted on NAHB’s social media platforms as well.

Full versions of the video clips are also available. For more information, contact Rob Matuga at

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  1. jeff grantham says:

    It’s about time!!! Not that I can’t get this information elsewhere but NAHB should be the resource for builders, remodeled and tradesmen to turn to for information. I’ve pleaded at board and committee meetings for this top-down approach and I’m glad leadership finally acts and listens to its members.

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