Regional Roundup

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ThinkstockPhotos-467969672Interested in keeping up with the latest in housing across the country? Stay current with the Regional Roundup, a weekly collection of quick links to hot topics and trends around the nation.

Controversial Development to Spur Unprecedented Economic Activity 
Report Focuses on Success, Inequities of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the West
Who Needs a Golf Course? Newest Developments Feature Farms
Boulder County Approves Next Round of Net Zero Regs for New Homes

‘Micro-unit’ Apartments Sought by Grand Rapids to Lower Housing Costs
A Cinderella Story for Disney Childhood Home
Lustron Homes: ‘Steel Standing’

New York Tests Post-Disaster Housing That Stacks Up
Tax Buyer Deeds Abandoned Properties to Homeless Man
Sanctuary, Not Just Shelter: A New Type of Housing for The Homeless

Tiny Houses Could be Huge, But Rules Stand in the Way
Luxury Home Developers’ Latest Pitch: Unspoiled Nature
Jimmy Carter, 91, Battling Cancer, Still Building Homes 

Guam’s Rising Luxury Real Estate Market
Goldman, Blackstone Said to Weigh Bids for 1,500 Spain Homes
Luxury Hotel? No, Singapore’s Public Housing
The Skinniest Houses Around the World


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