Code Change Vote Delayed until November

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tolsProposed building code changes discussed during hearings earlier this month in Long Beach, Calif., will soon be released for online voting — but due to glitches in the voting devices used during the hearings, not as soon as planned.

International Code Council officials had hoped to open the online voting period as soon as this week, but now, the process will likely be delayed until early November.

The code change proposals that have the biggest impact on home builders, which NAHB outlined earlier this year, are focused on the plumbing and mechanical chapters of the International Residential Code as well as changes to the International Building Code, which builders use for most multifamily buildings, and in single-family homes and townhomes more than three stories above grade.

NAHB is putting the finishing touches on a voting guide detailing the most cost-effective and science-friendly building choices. When ready, it will be posted to the Code Official Toolkit.

HBA members and staff should continue to reach out to code officials as they consider their decisions in preparation for the online voting process. This is yet another example of how NAHB continues to help the industry balance safety and energy efficiency with affordability, enabling more buyers to pay for new homes.

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  1. David F. Sheppard, Jr., CAE says:

    Please let me know when the voting commences so I can work with my voters.

    • NAHB Now says:

      Will do! We will post another story and also include it in Monday Morning Briefing so you can spread the word. The blog post will also lead to a voting guide.

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