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contractsIt’s almost the first anniversary of the launch of NAHB Contracts, the subscription-based website that offers a variety of sample residential construction contracts and documents at a significant discount to NAHB members.

Developed by experienced builders, remodelers, construction law attorneys and industry experts, the contract service has been popular right out of the gate, because for home builders and remodelers, it’s just what the doctor — or in this case, your friendly neighborhood attorney — ordered, customers say.

Just ask Bill Cress, who as president of the William Cress Corporation in New Jersey has more than 40 years of construction experience with projects in 27 states. Cress is used to lengthy, detailed contracts with all his contractors and suppliers on commercial and industrial projects, which make up 80% of his work.

But residential is an entirely different ball game, Cress said. In the home building world, he deals with small businesses and subcontractors with just a few employees. “You can’t show somebody a 30-40 page document. It’s too onerous, and they aren’t used to seeing such contracts.”

Residential contractors are a world apart, a world that often consists of handshakes and signed proposals. “Unfortunately, in today’s litigious society, we can’t do that anymore,” he said.

The samples in NAHB Contracts are “relatively short, and they focus on the important points,” Cress said. They’re easy to customize, and that’s important to his company, which always includes attachments specifying the kinds of jobsite safety and quality control programs in place for each project — a reflection, Cress said, of his company culture and “our commercial experience spilling into the project,” especially in a highly regulated state like New Jersey.

“They’re easy to use, and easy to modify — but the majority are great the way they are,” Cress said.

Users can download a contract for one-time use or buy an annual subscription for access to one or more contracts. The documents include contracts for fixed-fee and cost-plus work, change orders, remodeling, warranty agreements and more.

Learn more at the NAHB Contracts FAQ, or contact Lay Bragg for assistance.

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