Builders Helping Builders: Much Ado About Advertising

advertisingBuilders Helping Builders is an interactive blog post that allows members to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of the entire Federation in one convenient location. Each week, a new question—submitted by an NAHB member—will be featured in the Monday Morning Briefing and here on the blog.

This week’s question comes from a builder in South Central North Carolina who builds two to five homes per year.

The issue: He is able to display advertising in a local Realtor office where he would like to get the word out about his custom and spec homes. His question: How should he go about doing this? What advice do you have?

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  1. There are a myriad of things you can do above pure advertising so that your name remains visible to all of the real estate brokers and staff members too. Remember the staff also can direct qualified traffic to their real estate brokers too.
    Branded Examples:
    Coffee mugs
    Note pads- cubes
    Desk blotters
    Desk calendars
    There are so many more ideas. Implement these and others.
    Send newsletters through snail mail and eblasts too!
    ONwards and UPwards with more qualified leads, sales and closings!

  2. Susan Gunyou says:

    I currently work in sales for a custom builder and have worked on the real estate end as well. In addition to the eblasts and mail, speak with the broker about doing a presentation about your company at one of their sales meetings. Should you have a spec home available, it would be a perfect opportunity to invite Realtors for breakfast or lunch and let them see what you offer.
    Best of luck!

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