Builders Helping Builders: Deciding on a Designation

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Builders Helping Builders is an interactive blog post that allows members to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of the entire Federation in one convenient location. Each week, a new question—submitted by an NAHB member—will be featured in the Monday Morning Briefing and here on the blog.

Here’s this week’s question: I’m thinking about becoming a Certified Graduate Builder, and would like any opinions or thoughts on the program and/or benefits of it from those who have already gotten theirs. Thanks.

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  1. I have five designations and our firm uses every one daily. We have them on our stationary-business cards, website and when we visit with new clients always discuss them and educate them on why they are so important. We have been selected by clients because we have the designations and additional knowledge and education that other builders didn’t have. We believe it gives us an advantage. Heck when we go into our medical doctors offices they have their licenses and any special training certificates plastered all over their walls why not builders/remodelers. We too are professionals.

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