‘Ambush’ Union Election Rule Takes Effect Today

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ThinkstockPhotos-474960199A directive put forth by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) last year that would impose an “ambush” union election rule on employers goes into effect today.

The NLRB rule will dramatically speed up union elections, reduce the time workers have to decide whether or not to join a labor union and force employers to hand over to union organizers their employees’ private information.

Under the rule, employers could have as little as 10 days to hire a lawyer and prepare for an election hearing, which will give unions a tremendous advantage in their efforts to organize employees.

NAHB fought diligently to overturn this measure, working with members of the House and Senate to pass legislation that would make the NLRB rule null and void. Both chambers of Congress subsequently approved legislation last month that would overturn the NLRB rule. However, President Obama vetoed the bill and Congress was unable to muster the necessary two-thirds majority to override the veto.

Though NAHB was unable to affect change on the legislative front, the association continues to seek other avenues to nullify the newly implemented NLRB rule.

NAHB is part of the Coalition for a Democratic Workforce, which filed a lawsuit earlier this year that seeks to invalidate the NLRB rule.

The legal challenge asserts the rule is “contrary to common sense, contrary to the [National Labor Relations] Act and its legislative history, and contrary to other legal requirements directed to the preservation of employee free choice, all of which focus on guaranteeing enough time for making important decisions.”

For more information, email Suzanne Beall at NAHB or call her at 800-368-5242 x8407.


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  1. jack says:

    Yes, yes, yes — pursue matter in Federal Court. I hoped you would do this. Obama will be gone in 2 years and most definitely a Republican president will be elected — the county is sick of liberal Democrats and what they are doing to economy.

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