It’s Fun to Play with the BASCKY

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The BA of South Central Kentucky (BASCKY) had a few ideas for a parody video for the NAHB Wants You video contest. But with their membership committee meeting in late January and zero budget, they worried they would not be able to pull it off.

No big deal. Within 30 minutes of brainstorming at the kitchen table, EO Anita Napier had lyrics.

“We tried to include a lot of different member types in our song, as we are so lucky to have so many members from different areas, and wanted to highlight those so potential members know just about anyone can benefit,” she said.

And what song features more interesting occupations than the Village People’s YMCA?

Anita and Member Services Director Jennifer Eberhart took the idea to the membership committee and they ran with it: Members volunteered to sing on the spot and a few more calls were made for additional recruits.

“We made a call to [a member at] WBKO, our area television station,” Napier said. “At first we thought it would just be him with his own personal digital camera, but then he arrived with a true cameraman who filmed our impromptu performance.”

The membership and executive committees were the only ones who knew what was planned. As members began to arrive for the monthly luncheon meeting, Jennifer recruited a few more volunteers. After the membership chair said a few words, the music video was announced – and they had only 10 minutes to do it.

“Even our members who seemed reluctant couldn’t help but join in with the enthusiasm and the spirit of having fun,” Napier said. “We had just over 80 people attend our meeting that day and every single one was in the video or helping.”

Here are the lyrics to BASCKY’s song, including some that didn’t make it to the video. Interested in making your own? Here’s some good news: The deadline has been extended. Submit your video by Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Builder, there’s no need to worry.
I said, Banker, you can talk about loans.
I said, Realtor, you can sell a few homes.
There’s a place for every one.

Plumbers, there’s a toilet to plunge.
I said Roofer, there are shingles to lay.
Just join us, and I’m sure you will find
Many folks who need what you have.

It’s fun to belong to the N A H B.
It’s fun to belong to the N A H B.

They have everything for our industry.
You might even learn a few things.

It’s fun to belong to the N A H B.
It’s fun to belong to the N A H B.

You can get your CE’s, you can learn all the codes.
You can deduct your IBS trip.

Framer, we need you right now.
I said, pool man, can you show me a spa.
I said, gas man, can you run me a line.
But you got to know this one thing!

Associates are part of the team,
I said, builder, you can build me my dream.
Calls come in daily, just looking for you.
Sign up or miss the big pay!

It’s fun to belong to the N A H B.
It’s fun to belong to the N A H B.


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