DOE to Launch Energy Education Pilot for Builders

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lightbulbThe federal Department of Energy (DOE) wants to know what effect better energy-efficiency education for builders, their trade partners, and code officals has on the energy performance of new homes.

To find out, the agency has selected eight states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas – to help it figure out what kind of education works best in what it calls the DOE Residential Energy Code Field Study.

First, DOE contractors will conduct a survey to measure how energy efficient the typical new home is. Then, they will offer education programs covering energy code requirements and best practices to make them work. Two years later, contractors will do another survey to see how much the education has moved the needle.

Because each state in the pilot group operates with its own version of the model energy codes, NAHB is working with DOE to make sure the survey methodology and analysis accurately represents the construction practices in each state.  In the meantime, the association has sent an email to EOs in the eight affected states to give them a heads up.

“We are in discussions with DOE on this program, and want to make sure that the data acquired will be completely anonymous and that the DOE contractors do no post-occupancy testing. We also have asked for a chance to review the final draft report. Thus far, DOE has been very cooperative,” said Craig Drumheller, Director of Construction, Codes and Standards at NAHB.

The agency is continuing to reach out to builders in the eight pilot states, and hopes to complete that portion of the process by mid-2015. For additional information, contact Drumheller at 800-368-5242 x8565.

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  1. E Ray Kothe says:

    So how did they go about picking the States ???

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