Want to Grow Your HBA Membership? Learn How at IBS

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ibs logoCalling all EOs! Attend the Membership Portal Re-launch Party Learning Lab at the International Builders’ Show on Tuesday, Jan. 20 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. to learn about the Touch Retention System and hear from satisfied users.

Explore all aspects of the new portal including Touch, TouchPLUS, marketing materials ordering, Spike Club recognition, and the Net Promoter Score. You’ll also have a chance to network and nosh with other HBA staff from across the country.

But wait: There’s more!

The Learning Lab on Recruitment session includes the membership drive kick off and introduction, lead list help and understanding the NAHB and HBA value proposition.

The Learning Lab on Retention session covers the three pillars of retention and takes a deep dive into the Net Promoter Score. Look for these labs on Wednesday, Jan. 21.

Contact Betsy Alafoginis with your membership questions and to get more details about these IBS events for EOs and membership staff.

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  1. What a great opportunity to learn more about recruitment and retention!
    Looking forward to the education!
    ONwards and UPwards!

  2. Anne Ladewig says:

    The Touch System is such a valuable tool! Also, if you are interested in another session for building membership, check out the “Winning Membership Strategies” session in Sales Central on Wed., Jan. 21 at 11 a.m. The Denver SMC will share how they went from 0-200 members. It’s quite an inspiring story! Learn more at BuildersShow.com: http://www.buildersshow.com/Search/SpecialEvent.aspx?id=27795

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