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ShawnBuilder Shawn VanVeghten has seen it firsthand – how being a part of the HBA gives him a direct line to generations of expertise as well as a tight-knit group of colleagues.

“It has fast-forwarded me into my business,” the 33-year-old owner of VanVeghten Construction said about his membership in the Capitol Region Builders and Remodelers Association (CRBRA) in upstate New York. “I’ve met some of the best professionals and my greatest friends there.”

Having gained so much, VanVeghten was inspired to help sustain that continuity from generation to generation.

In 2011, when the association saw the need to take action to foster young members, VanVeghten jumped right in, helping to start the CRBRA’s Future Industry Leaders. From the get-go, when VanVeghten served as the group’s first chair, the group has been key to his professional life.

“I’ve forged so many great relationships already – so early in my career, with people who will be there with me the rest of the way,” he said.

The Future Industry Leaders focuses on educating the next generation of building industry professionals and connecting them with the tools to make it in the business. The group also connects the younger generation with more-seasoned members, many of whom attend the group’s events.

“Whenever you have a question or need help with an issue, so many people are ready and able to help you,” he said. “We can really chase our goals with the help of the entire association.”

VanVeghten has been working to make his mark in the building industry since long before he started his company.

Building, he said, “is something I was meant to do. I am not someone who was meant to be working behind a desk. At a young age, I found it suited me. I worked during college doing porches, garages, then was able to purchase land and build a house. I parlayed that into the next project and here I am.”

Today, VanVeghten Construction is a full-service builder focused largely on the design-build of individual custom homes. With each new venture, he has tapped the vast array of veterans and experts among his HBA colleagues for help and advice.

“I’ve met bankers, fellow builders, accountants, attorneys – everybody brings their own special thing to the table,” VanVeghten said. “Without that [help], somebody might hit brick wall after brick wall.”

Having expert advice to keep up with laws and regulations affecting the industry is another plus of HBA membership.

“People who are unplugged from the association are missing the boat on knowing the latest on labor laws, land regulations, insurance regulations, permitting and other government affairs that directly impact our ability to do what we do,” VanVeghten said. “We also have people to lobby in our cause thanks to the association, and that’s essential for us to keep going.”

VanVeghten serves on his HBA board, which he considers both a privilege and a way to have a hand in building the future.

“My business is young and I have years ahead of me,” said VanVeghten. “I can be part of the solution along with other people doing this for the next generation.

“I feel like I’m part of the effort for the well-being of our industry.”

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  1. Todd Stewart says:

    Shawn has been a great asset to our association and we are fortunate to have him as a director. His passion for and dedication to our industry is inspiring and we wish him continued success in all his endeavors.

    Todd Stewart, CGB
    2014 New York State Rep to NAHB

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