Builders Helping Builders: Fraudulent Workers’ Comp Claims

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workerinjuryclaimformHere’s this week’s question: One of my employees recently filed a workers’ compensation claim for a back injury, but I have a feeling they are not being honest. What should/can I do?

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  1. Truman says:

    I am waiting your reply as to how a company can defend themselves from dishonest workers’ compensation claims!

  2. Tony says:

    Find a hobby to take your mind off of it and be thankful for the good employees you have. This is why most builders don’t have employees, only subcontractors. It’s a broken system if you ask me. There is little-to-nothing you can do. Maybe hire a PI? Good luck I feel your angst.

  3. Steve says:

    We had an employee file a back claim that he told our other employee’s was due to an injury from a weekend basketball game. He filed the claim, was getting benefits but was still not too “injured” to do framing work for customers on his own time for his side business. We took pictures and hired an attorney to fight the claim and made our less than honest employee rack up some legal costs. Our other employee’s were aware of all this and when they saw that we would fight bad claims, word got around. We were able to get a labor hearing and shut this one off. Usually the comp system favors the employee’s but you can slow down fraud. We really need to get the State legislators to re address this system which I agree is broken.

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