$500 Discount Makes This NAHB Member Happy

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Remodeler Robert Criner shows off his shiny, new and discounted  Chevy van.

Robert Criner just saved $500 on his new truck – all because he is a member of NAHB.

Criner, who owns Criner Remodeling in Newport News, Va., was about to seal the deal on a brand new Chevy van when his office manager reminded him about the NAHB Member Advantage program.

Member Advantage offers exclusive discounts to NAHB members on services like shipping, rental cars, insurance and in this case, up to $1,000 on GM vehicles including the Chevy van Criner was eyeing.

“I thought it might be complicated, but it just wasn’t,” he said. “It took two or three minutes to fill out the form, and another few minutes to send it out. My only concern was that the [Chevy] salesman wouldn’t want to do it, because it would reduce his commission but then I found out it doesn’t affect it at all. And in fact, he was happy to take off the $500 because it made me happier, and now I am still talking about him.” And recommending the program to his friends and fellow HBA members.

Criner also takes advantage of the Lowe’s Pro Services discount – 2% on every purchase for NAHB members. Discounts on either of these programs on their own would pay for his membership.

“It pays to belong. I keep spreading that story. There’s no reason other people shouldn’t be taking advantage of it,” Criner said.

In fact, his only regret is forgetting about the Member Advantage program last year, when he also needed to buy a van.

“I didn’t remember to take the discount. I have been kicking myself ever since,” he said.


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  1. Robin Ward says:

    The builders also have to remember about the rebate program that is available to them from Bilco, Blanco, maybe at the IBS show, signage could be there –“ask us about the rebate.” But it would be up to the vendors to give out the info.

    Spoke to one of my vendors yesterday about Therma Tru, he is going to see how it can be done locally at the lumberyards —

  2. Thank you so much to Christy Ronaldson for taking the time of her busy day to speak with our President Bob Miller (Boyette & Miller Construction and Development) regarding his questions about the NAHB GM $500 discount.

    Your dedication is what fuels my very passionate president to continue to support the building industry and our local BIA.

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