Zombies Add Life to Home Show

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You’ve got your kitchen trends expert, your funny home improvement guy, your “design on a shoestring” maven. But do you have zombies?

These previously living performers wowed the crowd at the annual St. Louis Home & Remodeling Show over Columbus Day weekend.

The performers are members of a local group flash mob enthusiasts. Yes, there are such things as local flash mob clubs: You can Google them.

“They contacted us, asked us if we would be interested, and we said yes,” after a little investigating into the volunteer group to make sure their previous flash mob events weren’t too disruptive, said HBA of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri EO Pat Sullivan.

“The vendors had a very positive reaction. It created some more energy and enthusiasm, and the opportunity to start conversations. That’s what exhibitors want: some conversations,” he said.

Crowds lined the top of the escalator landing two and three people deep, taking pictures and videotaping the performance, Sullivan said. The buzz added spark to the show through the early evening, until even the undead screeched to a halt.

“The Cardinals had a playoff game that night,” Sullivan said.


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