High School Student Chapter Shapes Minds of Students

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penn state student chapter pic“Every student, you have to create a peg that fits that student; not fit the student into the peg,” said Chris Warren, a State College, Pa. high school construction educator who is shaping the lives of young students and preparing them for the workforce as the advisor for the school’s NAHB Student Chapter.

Warren’s ideology has proven true, as his students won first place for the NAHB Outstanding Student Chapter, sponsored by the NAHB Leading Suppliers Council.

Warren has taught building construction in State College’s Career and Technology Center since 2009.

“The key to our program is that we place the needs of the building industry and what is expected from future employees first, and then fill in the blanks with the curricular requirements,” Warren said.

The clear success of this student chapter program comes from true integration and working relationships with building industry professionals and organizations like the local HBA and local builders, businesses and contractors, said Warren.

Every week, different builder members stop by the classroom or weekly club meeting and interact with students, and lend their critical NAHB member involvement on the high school’s occupational advisory committee.
The State College Building Construction Program is divided into four years and the schedule mimics the principles of building a home. The four-year program is broken down as follows:

  • Year 1: Understanding job site and tool safety, surveying, site layout, excavation, and masonry and framing principles.
  • Year 2: Roofing siding, installing doors and windows, complete electrical service installation for a residential home.
  • Year 3: Plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; interior finishes like trim, tile, sheetrock and cabinet installation.
  • Year 4: Sustainability, energy, alternative energy applications and individual studies.

The process works, students say. “It is a professional class with great career focus. We have an employment contract just like in real life, and we learn how to use all different tools for building a house from the ground up,” said student Tyler Huberin.

“We involve the students in business plan writing, presentations and collaborative projects. This is where the NAHB student chapter introduces students to real-world applications.” Warren said.

For more information about forming an NAHB Student Chapter, contact Greg Zick at 202-266-8493, or gzick@nahb.org.

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