10 Home Maintenance Tips Your Clients Need to Know

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Educating clients about how to maintain their home is an important responsibility for remodelers and builders. Warm weather is the perfect time to market your company’s expertise. Share these home maintenance tips with your current and prospective clients via social media or your company newsletter.

homes for life award winner

Terry Jones, CAPS, of Compass Builders in Miramar Beach, Fla., won in the Major Space remodel category in the Homes for Life awards in 2012.

NAHB Remodelers recommends these tips for home owners to inspect for damage and make sure your home is in top shape:

  1. Inspect the roof—Check your roof for loose, warped or missing shingles  and make sure the chimney flashing and skylight seals are intact.
  2. Clean and repair gutters—Clear winter storm debris from gutters and downspouts, and check that they are still securely attached to the house. Blocked or loose gutters can allow water into your home and damage trim.
  3. Look for leaks—Common culprits for hard-to-find leaks are attics, crawl spaces and washing machine hoses. Inspect these areas, look under sinks for damage from frozen pipes and check your water heater for signs of corrosion.
  4. Clear exterior drains—Remove leaves from underground or exterior drains to clear the way for spring showers and prevent backups.
  5. Inspect siding—Look for and fix pieces that have come loose during winter storms.
  6. Check window and door seals—Examine the exterior caulking on door and window seals to ensure it remains watertight.

    homes for life

    Monarcha Marcet, CAPS, of Adventure in Building Inc. in Orlando, Fla., won in the Single Space remodel category during the Homes for Life awards of 2013.

  7. Patch cracks—Patch cracks in concrete driveways, sidewalks and steps to keep water out and prevent further expansion.
  8. Paint the exterior—Painting or touching up paint on the exterior of your home not only makes it look better, but will also help protect the home from the elements.
  9. Inspect the HVAC—Hire a qualified technician to service your home’s HVAC system to make sure it is running properly, especially as air conditioning season is in full swing. Now is also the time to replace your HVAC filters.
  10. Check your home’s grading—Ensure the grading of your yard slopes away from your home’s foundation to keep excess  moisture at bay.

You can also recommend a publication from BuilderBooks called Home Maintenance Made Easy.  It gives your clients a little more background on caring for the home and advice on when to call in the experts. It’s a great post- punchlist gift, as well.




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  1. Linda M. Lemaire says:

    Great tips. Whether you are planning to sell a home, buy a new one, or simply want to upgrade your house, it is important to consider these things. These are the basic things we should inspect in every household to ensure that the house is in top shape.

  2. Caryl Anne says:

    Home maintenance is vital to any homeowner because it keeps you protected and your costs low, especially when it comes to HVAC systems. If these systems aren’t properly maintained, they could lead to additional costs, such as money and stress. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. To ensure the safety of your home It is important to hire a qualified technician to service your home’s HVAC system to make sure it is running properly, especially as air conditioning season is in full swing. Glad to know this.

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